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  • cronos3d

    Cronos 3D

    User friendly, professional 3D optical scanner.

    • Accuracy and detail
    • Color Digitization
    • Complete with reverse engineering software

    Go to Cronos 3D

  • Aurum 3D

    Aurum 3D

    Optical 3D station able to capture very small objects in high details.

    • Small objects digitalization
    • Totally automated scan
    • High detail

    Go to Aurum 3D

  • Stone 400

    Stone 400

    Professional 3D scanner designed for the marble sector.

    • Scan without the use of machine tools
    • User friendly
    • Complete with 3D management software

    Go to Stone 400

  • scanner3d insight3


    "REAL TIME" scanner able to produce detailed and accurate scans is just a few seconds.

    • Light
    • Transportable
    • Very easy to use

    Go to Insight3

  • scanner3d dentalDental

    3D scanner designed and manufactured just for the dental sector.
    • Guided, automated interface
    • Free implant platform implementation
    • Data export in standard binary STL format

    Go to Dental

  • cronos
  • aurum
  • stone400
  • insight3
  • dental

3D scanner



Technology, innovation and experience all made in Italy.

These are the traits that make Open Technologies the leading Italian company in 3D scanner manufacturing, highly specialized solutions for various applications (aimed at the industrial, design, biomedical sector etc..) which allow you to satisfy the different customers and markets.

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5.scanner3d research development eng 6.scanner3d software 3d management eng  7.scanner3d after sales service eng  8.scanner3d society experience eng

Open Technologies 3D scanners are highly advanced, the only ones that do not require constant optical set up adjustment or reconfiguration. The 3D management environment is very intuitive, simple to learn; it offers the user, not only the scanning process management,but also a wide range of tools for reverse engineering. The scan kit is very light and therefore can be carried anywhere always ensuring great performance. This means that scans can be made on-site if the object to capture is too difficult to move. During the measuring process the object surface isn't physically touched or modified, greatly speeding up capturing. The captured 3D model is quickly ready for CNC milling, prototyped on a 3D printer or imported into CAD environments.

  • TransformTRASFORMARE cad 3d

    The physical shape of any object into its 3D model:
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Milling straight from file with CNC machines
    • Prototype generation by 3D printer
  • ModelingMODELLARE 3d

    The model made with our 3D scanner in any CAD environment, thus simplifying the complicated mould generation phase.

  • CompareCONFRONTARE verifica dimensionale

    The scanned object with its mathematical model for the dimensional test.

    Control Software: Geomagic Control

calzaturiero stampi marmo Legno Vetro occhiali Armi automotive toys Design packaging


Software included with the 3D scanner

The 3D scanner surplus value is the management software supplied, entirely written and developed by our  R&D department. The constant exchange with the end-user help us integrate new functions in the software.
Main functions:

  • Simple, automated object capture
  • 3D model generation from scan
  • 3D model editing (about 20 tools available)
  • 3D model location relative to the system planes
  • CAD, .STL, .OBJ format export
  • .IGS primary reverse engineering (sections, planes)

Compatibility with CAD/CAM software

The scan result (triangle mesh) performed with the program supplied by Open Technologies is exportable in standard neutral formats ( .STL, .OBJ ) These files are importable straight into any CAD-CAM system:
Alphacam - CATIA - CIM system (SUM3D) - Cimatron - DDX - Delcam (PowerShape - PowerMill - PowerINSPECT - ArtCAM) - NX - Pegasus - Pro/ENGINEER - Rhinoceros - Solid Edge - SolidWorks - SprutCAM - Tebis - Unigraphics Cad Cam - VISI Cad-Cam - W-CAM - Worknc

How to choose the 3D scanner

In order to make a serious assessment of the scanner better suited for your needs, you must be aware of some guidelines in order choose well:
  • The nature of the objects to scan
  • Accuracy and detail
  • HW & SW
  • Dealer's reliability
  • Qualified technical assistance
  • References

Types of 3D scanners

The type of 3D scanner to use is defined based on what we want to scan and  the reason  for which we need to digitize it; the right choice is of the essence, we run the risk of compromising our work by choosing the wrong scan type.
  • Structured light
  • Laser
  • CMM
  • Real-time Scanner