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  • archivi digitali legno wood accessori moda3D Scan

    The Open Technologies 3D scanner is a state of the art scan system for making copies of pieces to reproduce or restore, absolutely identical to the original ones, conserving the workmanship and finishing.
    • Cutting edge technology
    • User friendly
    • Independent station, no CNC necessary
  • scansione3d strumenti musicali legno wood Woodworking

    The Open Technologies 3D scanner can help you solve any problems related to the integration of complex templates of your projects.

    + Complete sw of scan and 3D file management
    + Intuitive and easy to learn
    + Perfectly integrable with all the CAD/CAM software in the sector
    + Match test of the different components

  • scansione3d legno wood violino restauroRestorations

    The 3D scan technology proposed by Open Technologies is a cutting edge tool which offers a new path into the world of renovation.

    + Non invasive, no contact scan
    + Scanning micro details
    + Simple 3D model management

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  • Mouldsscansione3d legno wood acquisizione

    The 3D file can be implemented for the generation of wooden moulds.

    + 3D file dimensionally true to the original object
    + Simple management of the dimensional scales
    + Scanned 3D model compatible with all the CAD/CAM systems

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  • archivi digitali legno wood harddiskGeneration of digital archives

    With the Open Technologies 3D scanner we can generate digital archives of all the parts made.

    + Digital Catalogues
    + History quick management
    + 3D file ready for digital rendering

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  • 3D Scan
  • Woodworking
  • Restorations
  • Moulds
  • DA

The charm of tradition and modernity combine

The Open Technologies 3D scanner is a state of the art scan system which helps you execute copies of pieces to reproduce or restore, exactly identical to the original ones, conserving, at the same time, the workmanship and finishing. The result of the digital scan puts you in the position of managing the project freely so you can enlarge, reduce and modify the object. Then, using numeric control machines, you can quickly make your artistic projects finished to perfection and extremely detailed.


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