Copyt3D portable scanner:

Completely reconfigurable

Suitable for any size, extremely light and precise

4.5 mpx / 9.5 mpx
accuracy from 0.025 to 0.08 mm

COPYT3D and COPYT 3D FX can be completely reconfigured according to specific user needs, in order to digitize objects of various sizes and shape. The FX version allows both to reduce and to widen the acquisition field, offering a wider spectrum of possibilities.

The cameras and optical sensors are extremely performing, to guarantee extreme precision and detail of the acquisitions.

COPYT 3D mounts a 4.5mpx optical head, while COPYT 3D FX switches to 9.5mpx technology.

The packaging is compact, in a handy box that includes all the accessories and tools necessary for the configuration and the use of the scanner.

Available separately an automatic turning table, optional for both models.

The accurate and realistic 3D data from COPYT 3D and COPYT 3D FX can be used for a variety of purposes, such as industrial design, rapid prototyping, archaeology, medicine and much more.

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